Sunday, February 10, 2019

Secrets to using grasses

Grasses simply are the best thing in the garden right now. At the most dismal time of year, when there is almost nothing else to take our minds off grey skies and cold winds, grasses can not just make an impact but actually look really good. Read on here.......

This is the first of a new secondary blog posting I am now doing for Learning with Experts - this is more practically-orientated and entry-level than my main blog, but always with little bit of detail on plant and garden history, ecology etc.

 Here is the link to blogs from the Learning with Experts group.

Picture credit: Jason Ingram
Jason is one of our leading garden photographers. You can come and learn the tricks of the trade from him through our Garden Masterclass programme.

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Olivier Filippi and the Mediterranean garden of the future

An overview of the garden created by Olivier and Carla Filippi over the last thirty years. To many of us it appears to be a quintessentially Mediterranean landscape, all those grey hummocks and of course the Italian cypresses. The visual balance between these two elements is powerful as well as symbolising a harmony between the natural and the cultural. The cypresses may be native to the region but the narrow form is the result of a long period of selection and the tree’s wide range is a reflection of centuries of planting.

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