Sunday, August 11, 2019

Dutch garden and landscape travels

Well here we are. Another slightly lonely night in the camper van. I'm trundling around The Netherlands researching a possible book on contemporary Dutch garden design. It was an idea the leading Dutch garden photographer Maayke de Ridder and I thought up some time ago. We think we have a publisher now but it is all still a bit speculative. Anyway a great way of meeting people and learning more about a dynamic gardening and design culture.

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Sunday, August 4, 2019

Nori Pope of Hadspen - an Obituary

Quite often when I do a talk or run a workshop these days I ask the audience “who here had ever been to Hadspen?”. As the years run by, it gets to be a smaller number every time. Most of the newer generation of gardeners have never heard of the place. Which is sad.
Hadspen House during the 1990s, into the early 2000s was the most talked-about and raved-about garden in Britain. It was run by a Canadian couple, Nori and Sandra Pope. It was all about colour. Colour. Colour. Colour. And plants. And it was fantastic. And the Popes were fantastic.