Monday, January 17, 2011

Time for the CHOP

        I think everyone on the garden lecture circuit has a least favourite, but frequently asked question from the audience. Mine is “what about small gardens?” my own fault as the most dramatic pictures I show are usually of larger ones. Piet Oudolf’s is “when do I cut my perennials back?” There is a somewhat pained look on his face, as to him this is a rather absurd question. His reply is always “when you want to” on.... 

       You've gotta "read on" because I've recently been asked to make some guest contributions to Gardening Gone Wild, a leading garden group blog. I'm the only non-American in the group, so that's a great honour (even a great honor!) to be included. So, many, but not all, my blogs will now link to GWG. Which has a great rollcall of writers and photographers to check out.

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