Thursday, March 17, 2011

Singapore - Garden City State

How to describe the city state of Singapore? Downtown is like an American downtown (with even more malls – yes really!), the suburbs like….well a kind of tropical multiracial version of Sweden with a rather bossy government – the same well-designed but rather bland housing estates of modestly tall tower blocks, all separated by amazing amounts of greenery. Which is why I’m here of course. The place really does live up to its reputation as the Garden City of Asia, or indeed the world. I really think they are the global leaders in integrating planting into urban spaces and in making almost seamless connections between wild spaces/nature reserves and conventional urban parks.

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singapore holiday said...

Because of these lush gardens, arts and historic culture, Singapore is one of top ten tourist destinations of the world. Singapore has a lot to offer to travelers like lush gardens, sightseeing, greenery, breathtaking scenery. And i really appreciate your blog has very nice information about gardens of Singapore.

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Anonymous said...

Growing up in Singapore was an intoxicating experience - it was less manicured then, and the wanton pungent abundance of the tropics encroached upon one's senses. Resistance was futile in the presence of this feral beauty. It sadly looks like a shadow of its former glory in your photographs.