Friday, July 22, 2016

Weihenstephan - German planty paradise

Weihenstephan: meet a German gardener or landscape designer, and the chances are, they studied here. Its a unique institution, with no real equivalent in the English-speaking world, a whole campus, which sprawls attractively across a couple of hills and the intervening valley, and unlike most such places it is not the buildings that make the impact but the gardens, research plots and fields of crops. The 'Sichtungsgarten' (Show Garden) occupies one of the hilltops, the famous brewery another, while very nearby is another hilltop, the Domberg of the little town of Freising, with its 'Dom' (cathedral), one of the most fabulous of all the fabulous Baroque churches of southern Germany.
To read more go to the Gardens Illustrated website... and its in the magazine this month too.

Various pictures taken since my first visit in 1994 ....


Tatjana said...

I saw the pictures and thought.. hey, this garden I know..
"Sichtungsgarten Weihenstephan"! I was there last year in august:
A really wonderfull garden, specially the field of Heuchera ;) Or Sanguisorba..
Best regards,

ross tailor said...

Weihenstephan in assisting to define traditional Germany planting.

Its an ideal green university for applied sciences.
over 6300 students, 145 professors, seven departments and linked with many other foreign reputed univeristy.
As global warming threat is increasing day by day, the importance on studies of green technology and green living is also is increasing.

Weihenstephan would be an ideal place for learning on this respect.